Video Tips & Tricks

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Five Reasons to Use Video:

  1. You wouldn’t open a store or office without a receptionist or clerk to greet folks when they come in. Video allows people to meet you, have an opportunity to “know, like, trust” you before they call
  2. Busy people don’t have time to read bios, so in a two minute video, you can introduce yourself, your staff & talk about what you do in an engaging way. Give visitors a “backstage pass” to your company
  3. If you hate going out networking, video is a way to reach hundreds of potential clients without leaving your office, AND without having to deal with “cold call rejection”:
    Folks either like the video & they call “warm,” or they don’t, and they don’t waste your time.
  4. You’ll be able to fine-tune & target your “elevator speech” in the process of creating the video. Succinct & Sweet.
  5. If no one else in your industry is doing it, be the first & raise your SEO way up there!   If everyone else is using video, then you MUST and the pressure is on to be compelling.

Video Tips - from the Professionals

  1. Who is your audience? What do they want to see/hear? Show that.
  2. Composition
    1. Keep the subject's eyes at two-thirds of the way up the frame. Closer is better.
    2. If what you see looks like what you see on TELEVISION, then it's good.
  3. Lighting
    1. Face a window. Natural light looks better.
    2. If you can arrange for a small backlight on the subject (e.g.highlights the hair) it will add glamor.
    3. If the light must be above or behind the subject, make the background very dark.
    4. Conversely, if the subject is very brightly lit, the background should be light as well.
  4. Use a good microphone. The hands-free one for your phone is good, or plug in a lavalier to your laptop.
  5. Start recording BEFORE the shot you want and stay on it for at least a count of 5 after it's finished.
  6. If you get interrupted, roll with it. People appreciate authentic reality.
  7. Trust your instincts. If it doesn’t look right, it isn’t.

General Housekeeping notes:

  2. Get signed or on-video releases from all subjects.
  3. SHOOT THE ACTION. Stay on wide shot unless you are SURE only one person is talking for a while.
  4. Shoot IDENTIFIERS: signs in front of people, etc. and try to either say names into the camera mike yourself, or get people to say, "my name is..." and get the correct spelling if possible.
  5. If someone TELLS about it, you have to SHOW it.
  6. Better to shoot and not use it, than to miss what you might need.