Women Now

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Wings of Their Own

"Wings of Their Own"     DVD  includes the Pilot Gallery & special features
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Chief Wilma Mankiller

"Chief Wilma Mankiller: Woman of Power"   DVD or VHS
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Women Now

"Women Now"       DVD, includes "Women NOW" and "Yes, Baby, That's My Sir"
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Chief Wilma Mankiller, Woman of Power

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Watch the entire film here.
Wilma P. Mankiller (b-November 18, 1945, d-April 6, 2010) was the first femail chief of the Cherokee Nation. She served in Oklahoma as Principle Chief from 1985-1995. This 30 minute documentary about her life & style of leadership was nominated for an Emmy in 1991.

Wings of Their Own

view the Trailer for "Wings of Their Own"